0.3.7.r965 (05/09/2009)

  • Added Apple iPhone iPod Touch EventPhone plugin from Melloware.
  • Added KIRA plugin from ldobson.
  • Added new DVBViewer plugin from Prinz.
  • EventGhost now uses Stackless Python
  • Updated wxPython to pre-release.
  • Many bugs fixed.

0.3.7.r851 (02/20/2009)

  • Event items now have a configuration dialog, that is somewhat similar to the ones of actions and plugins. If you do an “Add Event...”, the dialog presets to the last event that was logged.
  • The IR decoder code is completely rewritten. Currently the IgorPlugUSB, TechnoTrend, UIRT and USB-UIRT plugins are using it. One feature is its ability to decode RC5 and MCE-RC6 commands to human readable events (like Play, Stop and so on). The downside is, that you might need to re-assign some events to your macros, as some signals are decoded to other strings.
  • The log has a new option to indent items, that should help to detect how the processing of events/macros/actions work.
  • Added a Python shell that you can open through the help menu. A nice toy to experiment with Python.
  • The setup includes a Windows help file now. You can invoke it through the help menu or by pressing F1. The help isn’t very complete. It only contains some parts from the Wiki till now.
  • After reading this article on “Joel on Software”, and thinking about it, I decided to follow his advise, except for the “File” and “Edit” menus. So now all other menu items stay enabled and if there’s some reason EventGhost can’t complete the action, you get a message telling you why.
  • The title bars of the two panes now have a horizontal gradient and their colours are determined by the appearance settings of Windows.
  • EventGhost now is build with Python 2.6.
  • The version number scheme has changed a little. The last number now shows the SVN revision number instead of the build number and is prefixed with a small “r”. This should make it easier for plugin developers to see if their latest changes are included in the installer.
  • Added Japanese translation from user somainit. (12/05/2008)

  • The “log only assigned and activated events” check box is now displayed in red if checked.
  • DesktopRemote’s “Show” action now has an option to force the window to be always on top of all other desktop windows.
  • Added a “Start” action to the VLC plugin, that helps to start VLC with the right command line options.
  • The list of plugin authors in the about dialog is now automatically created from all installed plugins.
  • Fixed sticking keys of the Keyboard plugin after some special events (like Ctrl+Alt+Delete).
  • Many other bugs fixed. (09/27/2008)

  • CHeitkamp added basic authentication to the Webserver plugin.
  • James Lee provided a new DLL for the MCE Remote plugin, that works flawlessly without the replacement driver. (06/30/2008)

  • Added Sceneo TVcentral plugin. (06/30/2008)

  • Added ATI Remote Wonder II plugin. (06/29/2008)

  • Added support for the use of multiple USB-UIRT devices. (05/22/2008)

  • Added BT8x8 based remote controls plugin from junius.
  • Added GOM Player plugin from CHeitkamp. (05/16/2008)

  • Added the executables py.exe and pyw.exe to the installer. These are Python interpreters, that use the EventGhost library files. You can use them to run your own Python code, without the need to install a Python distribution or to start EventGhost. The py.exe executable is a replacement for the python.exe you would normally find in a Python distribution and pyw.exe accordingly for pythonw.exe (that runs code without a console, e.g. for scripts that have their own GUI). They don’t support the command line options of a real Python interpreter, but they are anyhow handy for many tasks. (05/07/2008)

  • The “Show OSD” action now supports multiline text. (05/06/2008)

  • New System.ClipboardChanged event, that fires if an external application has changed the clipboard content. (04/26/2008)

  • Added Hauppauge IR plugin from Prinz. (04/06/2008)

  • Added DScaler 4 plugin from incubi. (04/03/2008)

  • Added Spanish translation from karl.
  • Added first version of a CyberLink PowerDVD plugin.
  • Some Internet shortcuts to the project get added to the startmenu folder by the installer.
  • Member eruji added some more actions to the SageTV plugin.
  • The ShowOSD action now has a new option “Use Skin”. It will draw a skinned background to the OSD. Currently there is only one skin, but I hope more will be added in the future. (03/04/2008)

  • Added Sound Mixer Ex plugin from Dexter.
  • Added Marantz Serial plugin from Dexter.
  • Added X10 CM15A plugin from Dean Owens.
  • EventGhost now uses Python 2.5.2. (12/13/2007)

  • Added PlayStation 3 Bluetooth Remote plugin from Thierry Couquillou.
  • Added volume and seek actions for the foobar2000 plugin.
  • Replaced Python’s built-in input() and raw_input() with a function that shows a simple input dialog. It has no real use-cases in EventGhost, but this way you can experiment with nearly every example code from typical Python tutorials.
  • FindWindow now shows a list of the found windows if the test button is pressed. (12/10/2007)

  • The apply button of all action/plugin configuration dialogs now stays disabled till the user actually has changed a control in the dialog.
  • Fix: Some more plugins had problem with suspend/resume of the computer.
  • Fix: It was possible that some dialogs opened outside the visible desktop area if the user had changed his display settings while EventGhost is running. (12/08/2007)

  • Now using wxPython
  • The PythonScript action now uses the same configuration panel as all other actions.
  • Fix: TechnoTrend USB-IR plugin was not functional after a suspend/resume of the system. (12/05/2007)

  • The Test Pattern/Geometry action now takes the aspect ratio into account. For ITU-R BT.601 aspect ratios it also shows the “non active” pixels at the sides.
  • The Test Pattern/Bars action can now also make double bars.
  • Fixed issue, that if you reopened the main window after you have cleared the log, the whole log was shown again. (12/01/2007)

  • Many enhancements to the ffdshow plugin by Bartman.
  • Better handling of colours if the user has changed the colours in his desktop theme. (11/28/2007)

  • Added a first version of a plugin for Barco CRT projectors.
  • All action configuration dialogs now have a “Test” button, that will execute the current settings just like it would if you confirm the dialog and press execute in the toolbar. The difference is, that changes you’ve made are not stored until you confirm the dialog with the ok button. So you can cancel your changes even if you have pressed the test button. (11/25/2007)

  • Added DVB Dream plugin from townkat.
  • Added Czech language file, MediaMonkey and IrfanView from Pako.
  • Added changelog tab in the about dialog.
  • Added eg.Exceptions class for generic translatable error messages.
  • If a plugin gets into error state, it will now try to restart itself on execute, disable/enable or pressing ok or apply in the configuration dialog.

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